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Dorset Battery BT-12M4.5AC 12V4.5Ah 20HR Elevator Shutter Door Speaker with BatteryRate:20 hours Rate: 4Ah10 hours Rate: 3.8Ah5 hours Rate: 3.6Ah1 hour Rate: 2.4Ah15 minutes Rate: 1.7AhCharging method (constant voltage)Cycle: The maximum charging current is 1A..
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General Features:- Designed floating charging service life: 6 years (25?)- Sealed and maintenance free operation- Safety valve installation for explosion proof- Low self-discharge characteristicApplication:- Measuring equipment and instrument- Telephone sets- Lighting equipment- Security systems- UP..
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Acumulator Pb-Acid, fara intretinere CP12-7
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Brand: Yli
Acumulator Pb-Acid, fara intretinere  Tensiune: 12Vcc Sarcina: 7 Ah Dimensiuni: 151x65x94mm Greutate: 2.25 kg..
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Brand: Yli
Acumulator stationar 12V 1.2Ah Tensiune: 12V Capacitate: 1.2Ah Dimensiuni: 97x53x43 mm Curent maxim de incarcare recomandat: 0.3A..
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